Find Open Philmont Trek Spots

Don't have enough people to form your own Philmont Trek crew? You can search for other crews that have open spots to fill -- and if you don't find one, you can register your information that will be searchable by Philmont Trek organizers (called reservation contacts) that are looking to fill spots in their crews. Notes:

  • All participants going on a Philmont Trek must be registered with the BSA - first/last name and BSA Member Id is required for verification.
  • If you are 18+ years old, your YPT needs to be current.
  • If the participant is under 18, their parent/guardian must be the one filling out this information
  • Locating an open spot does not reserve that spot. You (or the parent/guardian of a minor) must reach out to the person in charge of that crew (i.e. the reservation contact) to confirm the "fit" and "match". The reservation contact will then add the participant to their list/roster.
Participant (who wants to go on a Philmont Trek)
Trek Preferences

Your information will be saved so it's searchable by reservation contacts looking to fill spots. Note: your first name, last initial, age, council as well as your contact information (selected above) will be shown to reservation contacts looking to fill their open spots.